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Diatomaceous Earth 16kg Bag


 Diatomaceous Earth (D.E) 16kg 

On our Monthly Local SE QLD Delivery Service
(All suburbs and dates on our website)

Natural Wormer / Food Grade Supplement

Suggestive Amounts:

Poultry / Ducks: 2% of daily feed per day (as often as you like)

Goats / Sheep / Pigs: 10% of daily dry feed for 90 days, then 5% Ongoing

Horses / Cattle : 1/2 Cup per dry feed daily

Dogs: 1-2 tbsp in milk (Depending on Size of Dog)

Cats: 1 teaspoon per day in milk

DE can also be used in and around coops and nest boxes. It has many uses and applications. Natural worming remedy, Exterminate mites, lice, ants & cockroaches and Eliminate Odours to name a few.

Caution: The dust from this product is an irritant. Avoid inhalation and contact with eyes and skin. Wear sunglasses and disposable mask during application.