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Mother Hen Australia

Premium Layer 3 Bag Special


This product is available for either pick up at Yatala Qld 4207
On our Monthly Local Delivery Service
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Over many years we have tried and tested lots of feeds, so in conjunction with a poultry nutritionist and a couple of members in the poultry feed industry, this top quailty feed was formulated. This special blend will provide your flock with complete nutrition they need from every peck. No more fussy eaters pecking out what they like and leave important nutrition behind (common with layers mash).

Mother Hen Premium Layer is a pure grain mixture with no ingredients like blood meal, meat meal or animal meal etc.

This product does not contain restricted animal material or Genetically Modified grains.

Ingredients: Wheat, Maize, Sorghum, Millrun, Cottonseed Meal, Soyabean Meal

Vitamin & Mineral Pre-Mix, Limestone, Salt

Minimum Crude Protein : 19%

Minimum Crude Fibre : 10%

Minimum ME Mj/kg: 11%

Minimum Fat : 5.2%

Minimum Calcium : 5.3%

Minimum Salt : 0.4%


Approx Feed Consumption:

Point of Lay 95-120g

Early Laying Period 110-130g

Mid Laying Period 120-140g

End Of Lay Period 120-130g

Older Layers 130-140g


DO NOT Feed to Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Deer or Other Ruminants,

as it's specifically formulated for Chickens