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About Us

We are Aussie farmers who appreciate nature and all of its blessings. We left the rat race & our city jobs and wanted to make the most of our farm. Our journey started with wanting a small flock - but we were presented with 2 quandaries. Where do we find a good quality flock & what chook feed ticks all the boxes?



We wanted extraordinary chooks - good looking, good egg layers and gentle temperaments for our kids. Why not have the best when you look after them day after day? We did our research on purebred chickens and initially travelled many hours to find Gold & Silver Lace Wyandottes. Boy was that a mission, but we thought - how does everyone else do it? We researched again .... It seemed that fertile eggs was the way to go.... They can be express posted directly to your house, no diseases transferred in the egg, a wonderful hatching experience for the kids - this was the easiest experience to get Exactly the right type of breed for a reasonable price. So it began from there, with lots of trialling with postage and selecting the best rooster temperaments, until here we are today.



We were frustrated with the chook food selection and price, when our chooks were not liking it. We started to sell more fertile eggs and we expanded with our breeds. We had to come up with a solution that would satisfy our chooks, give us more eggs and stop wastage. Thus Premium Layer was developed and thoroughly tested with our own chooks first, it was too good to be kept a secret only on our farm. We sell it straight to the customer to keep the price right, as it's ingredients are more expensive to achieve the 19% protein level. This is vital to help chooks when they are moulting and laying, More Protein In => More Eggs.



"OH NO, we are out of chook food again!" is a phrase all chook people will say time & time again. We knew from experience, even going to the store and they've run out of what we normally get, Argh!.... So we thought why not do a Delivery Run to cover South East QLD, where we live right in the middle at Yatala? Our customers can enjoy the easy online ordering, resting your back and not having to lift the 20kg bag, arriving on your doorstep every fortnight. It seemed the perfect scenario and would be exactly how we would want it too. 

So, if you're thinking of Chickens for your family, we can't recommend them highly enough. They are a small farm animal that everyone can enjoy in their backyard. It's a pet that keeps on giving. It's an experience for the whole family, not only providing eggs, but lending love and compassion to all involved. It teaches discipline, gives greater purpose and gets you outside! It's terrific for the old and young and it improves quality of life for people. We believe in breeding heritage pure bred chickens, as they have longevity (up to 8 years of laying), hardiness and fantastic temperaments.

From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy the many great moments to come with your chooks and thank you for your business with us. We feel privileged to share the love that we have for our chooks, with you.

All the Best with your Chook Journey!

Conrad, Jeanie, Dieter and Hunter