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About Us

We are Aussie farmers who appreciate nature and all of its blessings. We've left the rat race of city jobs and dedicated our lives to the farm, making the most of what we have.

Helping others be more self sustainable has been on our hearts. Chickens are a small farm animal that everyone can enjoy in their backyard. It's a pet that keeps on giving. This is an experience for the whole family, not only providing eggs, but lending love and compassion to all involved. It teaches discipline, gives greater purpose and gets you outside! It's terrific for the old and young and it improves quality of life for people. We want to share the love that we have for our chooks, with you.

We believe in breeding heritage pure bred chickens, as they have longevity (up to 8 years of laying), hardiness and fantastic temperaments.

 We enjoy hearing your stories

(we have the best customers! THANK YOU!)

and love what we do!