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Breathe Ezy 20 Litres


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For the control of harmful microorganisms. It is beneficial for Treatment of Upper Respiratory Fungal & Viral Infections in Poultry and Domestic Animals.


Breathe Ezy is a new form of treatment which is effective for birds with colds. It is a stabilized (unactivated) chlorine dioxide solution. It is safe to use on all animals, as it kills all known bacteria, mould, spores and viruses, including airborne pathogens. It can also be used as an egg sanitiser, or it has a residual disinfecting effect when fogging an entire coop, pen or kennel. It is safe for the spray to go into drinking water, as it is likely it has a beneficial antimicrobial effect.

Spray into the face up to 3 times per day, for severe cases. The object is to get the affected bird to inhale the Breathe Ezy spray.

Apply using a Fogmaster or Fine Mist Sprayer

Thrush, White Line Disease and Seedy Toe infections respond extremely well. Breathe Ezy can be used straight from the container and needs to be "activated" with equal amount of vinegar. The mixed solution should be allowed to stand for 30 mins before use. Fill soaking boots to the level of the walls and soak for 20mins x 3 times per week, for a month. Dose once a month for a maintenance program.