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Egg Tech 12 Egg Antibacterial Automactic Incubator


  • An upgraded version of our best selling automatic incubators with added Biomaster™ protection – a permanent antibacterial additive that has been added into the plastic that provides maximum protection during the lifetime of the product
  • Biomaster™ is a safe and effective system for controlling the proliferation of harmful bacteria since it works against viruses and more than 50 different types of bacteria
  • Biomaster™ prevents the spread of bacterial infections in embryos, which is one of the main death causes during hatching
  • This treatment does not affect mechanical performance


  • Inspection window: The lid is equipped with two inspection windows that allow the user to follow all stages of the incubation from the outside;
  • Swinging egg tray: The eggs to be incubated are housed in a tray with a pivoting alveolus system: the egg tray tilting is adjusted by the turning unit OVOMATIC;
  • Alveolus system: The egg cradle allows you to accommodate both small eggs (up to 4 quail eggs) and large eggs (like goose eggs);
  • Floor for hatching: The floor is an accessory included in the incubator to ease the birth of the chicks in the last phase of incubation;
  • Openings: The external openings are used to fill the water tanks without opening the incubator, thus avoiding the dispersion of heat and humidity;
  • Digital display: It is possible to adjust the temperature from 30 ° C to 40 ° C (with a precision probe to set the temperature with variations of 0.1 ° C) simply by pressing the + and – keys.

12 Chicken Eggs / 48 Quail Eggs

Here is How it all works - please watch this video: