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Exstinkt Odour Gel - 2 Pack


ExStinkt Odour Gel releases a continual low level of chlorine dioxide to prevent the growth of mould, kill odour causing bacteria and fungi in homes, businesses, rental accommodation and boats, cars and caravans.

Features and Benefits

The ExStinkt Odour Gel Sachet is not activated until in contact with water. Once mixed with water, it quickly forms a gel and starts releasing low levels of chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is proven to oxidise numerous compounds including hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans, organic amines, and odours produced by mould, mildew, cigarette smoke and spoiled food.

Low levels of chlorine dioxide have been shown to reduce absenteeism in students and employees and reduce infection in surgical wounds.

Each sachet will treat 12m3 for up to 3.5 weeks. (Life of product may be shorter in areas with high humidity and/or demand).

Each kit comes with 2 bottles and 2 sachets. Save money by purchasing refill sachets instead of a new bottle each time. Refill sachets are available from your local distributor or online.

Directions for Use

  1. Open foil sachet and tip contents into bottle

  2. Replace lid and swirl to mix

  3. Allow 15-20min for gel to form

  4. Twist lid to open the vents

  5. Place bottle in area to be treated

7. Once gel is exhausted it will turn clear and gel can be disposed of in household waste

Note: Not recommended for use with uncovered stored food.

Gel may liquefy in hot temperatures creating a spilling hazard.

  • Offices

  • Cars/Caravans/Boats 

  • Storage units 

  • Toilets

  • Houses

  • Pet enclosures
  • Veterinary practices Libraries
  • Medical consult rooms

  • Waiting areas

  • Gym lockers

  • Aged and childcare facilities

Add 120mL of water to bottle