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Terra Firma Fertilisers ~ Lime Impact 25KG


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Lime Impact is an EASY-TO-SPREAD pelletised lime blend, including Super Fine Lime, Rock Minerals, Boron & Terra Firma’s Poultry Manure Base a ground-breaking innovation. Lime Impact is part of our new Organics Plus Range, (for more products in this range, including Blood & Bone – a pelletized blend go to Full Product Range).


Normal application rate of no more than 200g per square metre twice yearly.

Vegetable & Annual Flowers

Apply no more than 200g per square metre at planting for all vegetables and annual flowers twice yearly.

Fruit Trees

Apply between 200g-300g per square metre twice yearly, lifting the rate toward 300g if the fruit tree is established.

Broad Acre Spreading

Apply 200-400kg per acre as both a soil conditioner and fertiliser twice yearly.

Australian Native Plants

Use no more than 50g per square metre around Australian native plants.

  Nitrogen (N)  2.20% Iron (Fe) 3950mg/kg
  Phosphorous (P) 1.10% Manganese (Mn) 240mg/kg
  Potassium (K)  1.20% Copper (Cu) 80mg/kg
  Sulphur (S)  0.30% Zinc (Zn) 200mg/kg
  Calcium (Ca) 15.40% Boron (B) 2280mg/kg
  Magnesium (Mg) 0.62% Molybdenum (Mo) 5mg/kg
  Silicon (Si) 3.10% Cobalt 2mg/kg
  Carbon 20.00%